[Twitter] Park Jung Min’s Updates [24.08.12]

Cr: jungmin0403 @ twitter + [Trans] xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

2012-08-24 @ 7:58 PM
아직 이른 시간인데…졸려워….
どんどん 眠くなる。
頭が 痛い。
It’s still early but…I’m sleepy….
Kept being sleepy.

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[Twitter] Park Jung Min’s Updates [16.08.12]

Cr: jungmin0403 @ twitter + [Trans] xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

2012-08-16 @ 5:47 AM
キミの 望みを、聞かせてよ。
Ah…ボクは 悪魔。
清らかな キミを 汚したくない!
でも ココロを もう 押さえきれない。
Listening to your wishes.
Because of you, I want to live on…
Ah…my demon.
I don’t want to dirty the bright and clean you!
But even so, I cannot surpress my heart any longer.

2012-08-16 @ 5:45 AM
壁の向こうに またもや壁…
いつになったら キミに 逢える?
The side over the wall is yet another wall…
Will I be able to see you someday?
Being like me, is a passing crime
Loving someone…is forgiven…?
I didn’t mean to hurt you.

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[Video] Park Jung Min – ROMEO ‘Give Me Your Heart’ MV

Cr: AkanessKimLove @ YT

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[Twitter] Park Jung Min’s Updates

Cr: jungmin0403 @ twitter + [Trans] xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

2012-08-15 @ 6:00 AM
사진이 안떠서 다시~!! 이 자식이~!! 까불어~~!!!! 아빠한테~~!!!!!ㅎㅎ한국 속담 3살버릇 여든간다…라는 말있어요~ 지금도 양말만 보면 이래요~~좋은 향을 맡을 줄 아는 개어린이!! pic.twitter.com/AFjRmNGI
Here’s the pic again cos it didn’t come out just now~!! This kid~!! Bad behavior~~!!!! Towards father~~!!!!! Heehee there’s a saying in Korea…habit from 3 years old will stay till 80 years old~ she will do this when she sees socks~~Little doggy who knows how to smell nice scents!!

2012-08-15 @ 4:35 AM
완전 귀여운 사진 발견~!! 이렇게 귀엽게 애교부리다가도..!! pic.twitter.com/SJhe3Pi9
Discovered a really cute pic~!! So cute and showing her aegyo..!!

2012-08-15 @ 4:31 AM
지금은 밥도 무지 잘먹고 잘커서 비만판정ㅠㅠ 아직 접종을 다 안해서 집에서만 있어요~! 이름은 점례!! 이름의 유래는 안보이는 저 하얀 목덜미 뒤에 점이~! 숙녀니까 가려줘야지!! pic.twitter.com/lQUmDaTD
Now its eating very well and regularly, but is fat TT TT haven’t finished all its vaccinations yet, so it can only stay at home~! Its name is JumRye!! Origin of its name is the spot behind its white neck that can’t be seen here~! Its a lady so I must beautify her!!

2012-08-15 @ 4:28 AM
집에오고 얼마지나부터 점점 나아지더니…요로코롬 요가하면서 잠을…ㅎㅎ pic.twitter.com/MmpwO54m
After it came to our house, it became better little by little… Sleeping while doing a yoga pose like this…heehee

2012-08-15 @ 4:25 AM
처음엔 이 표정처럼 처량하고 불안초조한 아가여서 조그마한 소리에도 놀래고 자다가도 벌떡벌떡 일어나곤 했었는데.. pic.twitter.com/yKIceHYx
Initially, he’s a baby who is so desolated and insecure like this expression here, jumpy at even a soft sound, and waking up from its sleep..

2012-08-15 @ 4:16 AM
잠이 안오네~~!! 이번주는 쭈~~욱 비온대요!! 모두 우산챙기기~~^^ , 그리고 더위도 조심하셔요~!!^^ 요새 저는 매일 아이스크림!! 배탈도 조심!!!^^ pic.twitter.com/Icgv7WBq
Can’t get to sleep~~!! Heard it will continue to rain this whole week!! Everyone pls rem to bring umbrella~~^^, and be careful of the heat too~!!^^ I am eating ice cream everyday these days!! Also be careful of stomache!!!^^

2012-08-09 @ 3:36 AM
앗 오해예요!! 전 로메오가 아닙니다~~!! 아임 낫 로메오~~~로메오!! 두고보자!!!

Ah it’s a misunderstanding!! I am not Romeo~~!! I am not Romeo~~~Romeo!! We’ll see about that!!!

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[Photos + Audio] Park Jung Min – ROMEO ‘Give Me Your Heart’

Cr :  @ YT

Cr: Snapshots by allforpjm


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[News] SS501′s Park Jung Min (Romeo) reveals PV preview for “Give Me Your Heart”

Cr: GhostWriter @ allkpop

SS501‘s Park Jung Min is set to debut in Japan next month with the release of his first Japanese single, “Give Me Your Heart“.

He will be using the name of “Romeo” to promote in Japan and a PV Preview for “Give Me Your Heart” was recently revealed through Victor Music‘s official YouTube Channel. At his Japanese fan meeting, Park Jung Min talked about Romeo in third person and the video uploaded on YouTube describes Romeo as someone who “Looks exactly like SS501′s Park Jung Min“.

The single is set for official release on September 5th but the track is already available via mobile phone download or ringtone.

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[Video] Park Jung Min – ‘Romeo’ – Give me your heart Teaser [7.08.12]

Credit: VictorMusicChannel @ YT

Cr: http://midnightpasses.tumblr.com/post/28939002351

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