About PJM

SS501 member Park Jung Min

Also known as the sexy charisma/CEO Park/Mal.
*Still a member of SS501.
Now under CNR Media since August 2010

Korean: 박정민

English: Park Jung Min

Chinese: 朴政玟
Japanese: パク・ジョンミン

Position: Low vocal

Birthday: 03.04.1987
Zodiac: Aries

Height: 181cm
Weight: 67kg
Blood Type: O

Education: Dongguk University, Normal University affiliated high school, Kyonggi University, Department acting

Family member: Parents, elder sister,elder brother

Talents : Tap dance

Motto:  Always live with thankful heart


  • HERE (‘Kokoro’ August 2007)
  • Only me (1st Solo Album – Taiwan Version July 2009)
  • If You Cannot feat. Jisun (SS501 Solo Collection 2009)


  • If you cannot (SS501 Solo Collection 2009)
  • Kiss – Lyrics (Rainbow singles – Gossip girl November 2009)

TV Shows

  • Elephant (Episode 85)
  • MBC Human Theater 2010
  • What Women Want (ONstyle Magazine)



24 Responses to About PJM

  1. Nice to meet u too ^^
    Continue support jung min and the boys 😀

  2. Mahdieh says:

    Hi jung min…park jung min!
    I hope that you success in your life and your group be the best group in Asia.
    Hey jung min see you later in korea.

  3. shusuke9 says:

    hi hi^^
    nice to meet you…
    best wishes in your career and hope you can continue with what you are doing

  4. gran says:

    hi…i’m gran from iraq…i dont think yhat i can ever see you,but u know my family and friends hate you so much:( but dont worry i’m no;P,love u but please dont be silly i dont want to hear that you are gay,ok?????????????????

  5. parya says:


  6. Shoon Lei says:

    Even if the sky is fallen down, I’ll be always your biggest fun!
    Aja Aja Fighting!

  7. do you know his elder sister? please sent to my email : mayu_irma@yahoo.com please~ >..<

  8. cutecat says:

    Hi Jung Min.I wish u more succeful than now.please reply me Such as:HI ,Hello.

  9. ss501 sarnge says:

    Oppa Hi,
    I wish you success and I love you very much and the rest of the five members
    And offer you support
    We admire you, many Arabs

    Mini fight

  10. ””Hallo,Oppa I wish you success solo carier and I love you very so much,and Ihope you and four member comback,,,,,,,,,FAITHINGGGGGGGGGGGG

  11. arteiynana says:

    hi..jung min oppa! 🙂
    it’s really you??i hope it’s true because many people are prentending to be you…i’m always find more details about you! :)like i’m obsess to you…hehehe ^_^
    i very very very very hope i can face to face with you…i know impossible
    what ever happen i still support you
    i’m sorry my mention not clear….^_^

  12. arteiynana says:

    hi..jung min oppa!it’s really you??i hope it’s true because many people pretending to be you..so i don’t know it’s you or not..it’s very difficult to find more details about you because i’m from malaysia..:(…i’m very very very and very hope one day i can face to face with you..i know it’s very impossible to do it..:) what ever happen i’m still support you and sS501…wish good luck in your career and your life and most importand in your love ^_^…sorry my speech to long because i’m so exited to write this..:)

  13. jinny park says:

    only min for me but i want to see you fat.
    minn…ah then you are too thin.
    i loves you very much worried.
    love jub-jub
    bye luck-na dek yho
    i am jinny jinny park

  14. jinny park says:

    i am thailand fc jungmin on 5 year why do you back for my email.
    i so sad veryyyyy much.
    please back for my email na na na little text na na naaaaa min na jub-juub
    i jinny park love you jub-jub.
    bye bye ….waitting from u……

  15. jinny park says:





  16. hikaru says:

    park jung min n’appartient à personne hi!

  17. hikaru says:

    I’m sorry I don’t speak English hi!

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