[Twitter] Park Jung Min’s September tweets

Cr: Jungmin0403 @Twitter + [Trans] xiaochu1004@Twitter



JungMin0403 : in the end, I drank one yakult and got attacked by JumRye. pic.twitter.com/iKwbO8Uf

JungMin0403 :Going into the utility room where there is a huge fridge in it, JumRye ran there before me, showing the ‘please give me’ expression…! But..No~! Because you are fat~!! pic.twitter.com/0z7XxxtK

JungMin0403 : Fell asleep suddenly so here’s the answer now!!! Fortunately returned back just a little before the typhoon came!!!!! The outline is exactly the same so I was surprised!!! pic.twitter.com/ovKoc41Y



JungMin0403 : last hint~~~!! pic.twitter.com/vRcZWdqn

JungMin0403 : Received abalone! pic.twitter.com/gTOU3zVv

JungMin0403 : At a place overlooking the sea!! Where is this place~??!^~^

JungMin0403 : Gasps! The day is so!…Clear!!!^~^;;; pic.twitter.com/yPKAdzIJ

JungMin0403 : I’m going for an urgent trip~~~!!!!! Go!!!!!!

@jungmin0403:으어어~~~ 촉촉했던 감성을 등지고…로메오에게 다시 몸을 양보해야겠어요…침대가 로메오같이 날 흡수해요…안녕…..

euuhuh~~~ turning a back on the touching sentiments…I must lend my body to Romeo once again…the bed is absorbing me together with Romeo…bye…

@jungmin0403:그대 어디있나요?난 아직도 그대를 찾고있는데..시간을..돌릴수만있다면,이렇게 그대를 사랑하지않았을텐데..그대기억에 나란없나요?나란 사람 그대안에 없는건가요? 잊어보려고 아무리 애써봐도, 또다시 그댈그리죠..이토록 그댈 보고싶어하는건..나 뿐인가요..?

Where are you? I am still looking for you..if only..I can turn back time, then I won’t love you like this..am I not in your memory? Is there no such person as me in you? Trying to forget but no matter how hard I try, I still miss you..so the thing about missing you..is it just me..?

@jungmin0403:하늘에 구멍이 뚫렸나…? 로메오도 비랑 무슨 관계있나~? 다들 비 조심.! 안전운행!!pic.twitter.com/7Rhwq2hh

Is there a hole in the sky…? What is the connection between rain and Romeo~? Be careful of the rain everyone.! Drive carefully!!

JungMin0403 :아직 이른 시각인데,졸리다.모레 로메오 데뷔한다던데!(9/5 ROMEO DEBUT SINGLE GIVE ME YOUR HEART♥) 로메오출현?이 자식!내 몸을 맘대로!그럼 정민은 들어가요~! 서비스샷! 눕기전^^ pic.twitter.com/afBr63Qz

it’s still early but I’m sleepy. Romeo to debut the day after tomorrow! (9/5 ROMEO DEBUT SINGLE GIVE ME YOUR HEART♥) Romeo appear? This guy! Using my body as he pleases! Well then JungMin enters~! Free pic for you! Before I go lie down^^ pic.twitter.com/afBr63Qz

JungMin0403 :君がいて 僕がいて いつもと変わらない 帰り道~夕暮れに 伸びている 二人の影 すこし 重なった!リクエスト貰った サンセット!久しぶりに聞いた。いいね。歌おうかな^^

@jungmin0403: 자려구 누웠다가 점례의 유혹에 우메슈~~한잔!!! 아~~졸려~~쓰러져야지!!! また 睡魔に 襲われてる!

Was lying down to sleep but had a cup of Umeshu under the temptation of JumRye!!! Ah~~sleepy~~must fall flat!!! Being attacked by the sleep monster again!


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