[Twitter] Park Jung Min’s update [28.08.12]

Credits : Jungmin0403 @ twitter + [Trans] xiaochu @ Quainte501.com/

2012-08-29 @ 4:33 AM
태풍… 자연의 무서움을 새삼 깨달으며.. 안전하게 잘 대비해서.. 버텨요!! 유리창에 신문지 붙이는 방법도 있대요!! 저희 집은 건물 사이사이 숨어있어서 다행히 피해없어요! 걱정 감사드립니다! 되도록 일찍 귀가하시구요!!
Typhoon… Realised the scariness of nature.. Be safely well-prepared..and bear with it!! I heard about a method of pasting newspaper on glass windows too!! My house is hidden among buildings so fortunately didn’t suffer any damages! Thank you for your concerns! Try to return home early!!

2012-08-29 @ 3:32 AM
聞きたい 秋の 曲 募集中!送ってね!
Looking for Autumn songs to listen to! Please recommend!
*translation through online translator..


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