[Twitter] Park Jung Min’s update [20.09.11]

Credits : Jungmin0403 @ twitter + xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

2011-09-20 @ 9:20 PM
무보정 박정민 직찍샷~~ 아 대만도 이제 살살 쌀쌀해지네여~ 누나가 한국은 많이 춥다던데~ 모두 감기 조심하세요!! yfrog.com/kidy2uqj
Park JungMin own-taken shot~~ ah Taiwan is getting a little colder now~ Noona told me that it has turned very cold in Korea~ Please be careful of flu everyone!!

2011-09-20 @ 9:02 PM
시린 내 마음을 따듯하게 감싸준 코끼리 색칠놀이~^^ yfrog.com/h64ginwj yfrog.com/hsb5ilwj yfrog.com/hs8jvcmj yfrog.com/nuecaej yfrog.com/kf40djxj
Covering warmly my cold heart is Elephant painting session~^^

2011-09-20 @ 8:57 PM
대만 백수 시절~~뒹구르르르르 하며 yfrog.com/h8c5ecij
During idling days in Taiwan~~Dwaeinggureureureureu

2011-09-20 @ 4:23 AM
자다가 일어나 다시 하나…화리엔의 어느 민박집의 나무에서 닭열매가 열렸어요! yfrog.com/numvqfj yfrog.com/kebp5uxj
Woke up from my sleep, one more…A tree that bores chicken in a guesthouse in Hualien!

2011-09-20 @ 3:06 AM
바보.. 사진 첨부 안함 yfrog.com/h71sqctj
Fool.. Didnt attach photo

2011-09-20 @ 3:05 AM
마지막 도전!! 대만 드라마 번당화원[결정된 제목인지 알 수 없음] 암튼! 촬영 쉬는시간에~~^^ 모두 Goodnight ~~^^*
Last try!! Taiwan drama Fondant Garden [don’t know if this is the final title] Anyway! Resting time from the filming~~^^ everyone Goodnight ~~^^*

2011-09-20 @ 2:49 AM
저 도대체 왜!!! 사진이
옆아니면 뒤집어서 올라가냐구요!!!! 으아아아아아아아아아아앙
What on earth am I doing!!!
Why my photos were uploaded either sideways or upside down!!!! Euaaaaaaaaaaang

2011-09-20 @ 2:47 AM
대만에서 젤 맛있는건 타이요리중 량반화즐과 피자앗뜨거의 김치불고기피자!^^* 그리고 나의 맘을 훔친 또다른 하나! 죽순샐러드!^^ yfrog.com/nutlpsj
The most delicious food in Taiwan is LiangBanHuaZi in Thai food and Kimchi Bulgogi Pizza!^^* And another one that stole my heart away! Bamboo shoot salad!^^

Jungmin’s tweet to HJB ^^*

2011-09-20 @ 7:54 AM
@HyungJun87 @jungmin0403 너네왜그래?ㅋㅋ
@HyungJun87 @jungmin0403 What’s wrong with you guys?keke

Tweet to @Jungmin0403
2011-09-20 @ 7:54 AM
@HyungJun87 @jungmin0403 너네왜그래?ㅋㅋ
@HyungJun87 @jungmin0403 What’s wrong with you guys?keke

2011-09-20 @ 4:37 AM
@JungMin0403 정민아 .. 빨리자! 내생각 그만하고
@JungMin0403 JungMin-ah .. Quickly go and sleep! Stop thinking of me


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