[News] Park Jung Min challenging new aspect, acting, speaking chinese and fooling around 300910

Credit: Yahoo.tw + [Transl] reena29shadow + rainaftershine.wordpress.com
Please take this with full credit.

Korea super star, SS501 member, Park Jung Min very good at creating jokes! Park Jung Min who came specially to Taiwan to sign the contract with Sony Music, showing his funny side at the press conference. Not only showing everyone his Chinese language skills, he also blurted [You are very cheap!] causing everyone to burst into laughter, not even sparing off special guest Lin Yu Chun and Tsai Zhi Ping. He also revealed, now that he is working alone, he felt a little lonely, but he still keeps in contact with other members via twitter and sms.

He signed his contract for Asia area to Taiwan Sony Music, Park Jung Min happily fooling around on the stage, even joke about bringing back the contract board back to Korea. Senior Lin Yu Chun who have recently released his solo album also went to show his support and even gave him special made hamburger as present. Mischievous Park Jung Min keeps sticking closely to him and said shyly: [With him, I’m willing to go anywhere.], causing Lim YuChun to blush.

Park Jung Min who keep trying to speak Chinese during the press conference, even joking told the emcee, DJ Ken, [You are very cheap], causing everyone to burst into laughter, actually he have only been learning Chinese for around a month, and mention that he will read books to practice himself whenever he have time, but now, he can already understand many word. Now that he is working hard for his own individual career, Park Jung Min have been taking acting class. As for his limit of nudity, it will be bare back, and smilingly mention that his back looks very beautiful.

Other than preparing for his acting, he also plans to release solo album within this year. When ask whether he would open his business in Taiwan since his business in Korea I doing very well, Park Jung Min said: [I welcome you to invest], although this trip is short, but he also make use of this chance to go for massage, also hoping that he will be able to shop around in Taipei. Park Jung Min plans to leave Taiwan on Friday.


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